PUNCH and Judy are arguably the most famous traditional puppets in the Western World, with a colorful history more than 300 years old. Mr. Punch, with his hook nose, hunched back and garish costume, is a cultural icon in England. His unabashed joking and rowdy, mischievous behavior have provoked paroxyms of laughter from audiences throughout time. He is a master of satire!

     The Worldwide Friends of Punch and Judy (WWFPJ) is the brainchild of respected British Punch Professor, Glyn Edwards. The organization began in 1996 from contact points around the world and is officially affiliated with The Punch and Judy College of Professors. The WWFPJ is open to anyone interested in Mr. Punch and his world. Members range from professional performers and "fans" to the merely curious. Membership is entirely free of charge.

     The Worldwide Friends of Punch Judy's aims:

  • To let members share their common enthusiasm and to exchange information around the world on all aspects of the Punch and Judy tradition
  • To lend support to the tradition where it exists outside the United Kingdom
  • To foster an appreciation of Mr. Punch in countries where he is not as familiar as he is in Britain

     The WWFPJ is light-hearted and good-humoured in spirit and mindful that solemnity is not in keeping with the anarchic and irreverent nature of Mr. Punch.


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The Worldwide Friends of Punch and Judy
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