Punch has always been on my mind a lot
Posted on November 13, 2007 by glyn
OK it’s a silly title but the photo came as an extra piece of fun from a recent publicity shoot. And it kind of serves as an introduction to the new look of Around the World With Mr. Punch.

It started when, having shed 35 lbs and gone for a skinhead haircut, I no longer looked like my publicity material – which was confusing to bookers and triggered a trip to a photographer. (I can now look in the mirror and be constantly reminded of the baggy trousered comedian’s joke that ran “My girl friend’s a beautiful redhead. No hair – just a beautiful red head.” Boom Boom.) I won’t be sending this particular image out to bookers either but the photographer did make me giggle with it. Meanwhile having also moved house recently - after twenty years – from the country to the seaside (the bonfire of discarded sets, props and junk room lumber alone went on for a week) it pushed to the edge of extinction any time to edit Around the World with Mr. Punch. But now the IT equipment has (more or less) made the journey safely to its new office the trail resumes. If you’ve are a reader who recalls the early photocopied and snailmail distributed issues of a decade or so ago you will know that the journal has survived because a good idea is hard to keep down. So, now it's time for another New Look. Mr. Punch has always followed the path of electronic distribution with total lack of trepidation and the time is ripe to let him poke his big nose and bigger stick into the blogosphere. Major APOLOGIES are due to anyone who sent material for publication in the past months. There will be some catch-up items posted where there are no sell-by date problems that would render them meaningless. In the meantime any new items of interest to The Worldwide Friends of Punch and Judy are very welcome indeed.


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