How Old Is Mr.Punch?
Posted on November 25, 2007 by glyn
Looking ahead (way, way ahead). Well, it may be five years into the future for us mere mortals but for a 345 year old wooden star it's as near as tomorrow. Yes Mr. Punch is heading for his 350th 'Official' Birthday in 2012.

That's the year London hosts the Olympics so there'll already be plenty happening in the city where Punch and Judy first hit the streets. Watch out for news posted by 'The 350 Committee' who will be in charge of making sure that Old Red Nose and his family get celebrated in style as well. Mr. Punch's 325th Birthday in 1987 made it into the Guinness Book of Records (see the 1990 edition) so the sky is the limit when it comes to celebrating 350 years of madcap mischief. If you've got some thoughts on how to make it magically memorable then don't be backward in coming forward to tell us. The birthday countdown starts now.........

until Mr. Punch's 350th!
(May 9, 2012; London; midnight)


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